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"...because paper
is more patient..."
-Anne Frank

about debbie


Hi! I almost always have ink and paint on me but also love a good book, a challenging hike, a good pun, and talking about my love for animals.  I've got a knack for modern calligraphy with the knowledge and passion for technique to match. I think I'd be a perfect partner for your creative endeavor because no one wants letters to look more perfect and beautiful than I do. Let's bring your vision to life.

cats + calligraphy

We have two cats and a rabbit and our love for them borders on obsession. Rest assured, all pet hair will be extracted from the ink before your project gets delivered! 


it all starts with grandma

My grandma first taught me calligraphy (one of her favorite hobbies) when I was in elementary school. Calligraphy being one of many things that we've bonded over the years, I still get to call her one of my best friends. She just celebrated her 90th birthday in August of 2021! 

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