Debbie and Haley have been best friends for fourteen years. Four of those years were spent in high school passing notes about boys and T Swift, making questionable choices about what should and should not remain in our lockers all year, and riding that uncomfortable line between not complete outcasts but also about three or four (or five or six) rungs down on the social hierarchy from the popular kids. Climbing ladders was not our thing, so we set up camp under a stairwell, eating lunch there everyday with a group of close friends. We went mainly unnoticed by everyone except our people, which is how we preferred it.

To this day we continue to fumble along the line between staying home alone and spending time in good company. It's a beautiful, introverted life, people. With the support of our friends, and our teenage selves who always dreamed of working together, we decided to team up to share our favorite hobbies with the world (or just whoever is interested, really). We've been doodling, passing notes, and making stuff together for a long time. We're really just our 15 year old selves, but with slightly more confidence, slightly less emotional instability, and a fancy new website.

Care to join us under the Stairwell?